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Purpose Built Safe Space

EDC Canister for Keychain & Lanyards

Screw Top Compact Protection


EDC Keychain Container
for Microcards or Whatever

$10.00 MODEL C1

Cards not Included

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I wanted a tough little keychain case for
my backup microSD cards. It had to hold a terabyte of them.
It holds 5 or 6 microSD with space for a little foam to keep'em from jiggling.
It had to be water tight, dust tight, and very light.
A screw top makes it secure. It's very nice.

The screw top is designed to be low friction, so it shouldn't
unscrew in your pack or pocket if you bike or hike or run.

Inside space is 17mm x 17mm x 6.5mm, big enough for micro sd cards, sim cards,
medications ... small items you want to have protected on your keychain.

Outside 28mm diameter x 10.2mm height
Just over an inch in diameter and under 1/2 inch height
11 grams / Less than two Quarters

The ultimate air gap. Super tough for your keychain,
and the best gadget ever for small items.

Standards will change, so our little container is milled
square inside from aluminum billet stock. No slots. Just stack'em.

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First Class USPS is just $3, or order $20 or more, and get free shipping.

International Shipping is now available.
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We accept major credit cards or PayPal,
and we don't make you set up yet another account.

Keep from children. They could choke on it.

Waterproof, but not designed for depth.
Not designed for liquids or fine powders.

This little container holds a days worth of some things, and a weeks worth of other things.
Handy micro canister that weighs very little and lives on your keychain.

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