Aluminum microSD Canister
Model C1

by The Canister Project
The Canister Project

microSD cards by Lexar, Samsung, and Sandisk.

Inspired by Vintage Film Canisters

Growing up around a scientist and photographer, we always had film canisters. Kodak produced millions of them and they were alumimum with a screw cap. They are only a little over an inch in diameter, and easily fit in your pocket. Love them. Even the plastic ones are great.

Fast forward, and aluminum film canisters are now 'vintage' but digital film is everywhere. The newest digital film is the microSD card.

The micro SD also turns out to be perfect for important files. Your critical business files will all fit on microSD cards, and cards holding 200GB are very reasonable.

The vintage film canister was great, but it's large for micro SD cards. I couldn't find a way to hold a few cards on my keychain that was secure, water tight, dust tight, and indestructible. So ...

Visiting with a friend who is talented in design and manufacturing, I shared a sketch of my idea of a purpose built canister for micro SD cards. What you see is the result of this collaboration.

$20.00 MODEL C1

Free US Shipping

The end result is very nice.

The Canister Project

$20.00 MODEL C1

Free US Shipping

2018 Unique Media Storage - Specifications and FAQ

Keychain Sized

Purpose built keychain storage.

Holds micro SD, micro SIM, etc

A TB or More

Holds up to Six Micro SD

Anodized aluminum with an o-ring.

$20.00 MODEL C1

Why the Canister Project?

I wanted a tough little keychain case for my backup microSD cards. It had to hold a terabyte of them.

It holds 5 or 6 microSD with space for a little foam to keep'em from jiggling.
It had to be water tight, dust tight, and very light.
A screw top makes it secure. It's very nice.

The screw top is designed to be low friction, so it shouldn't unscrew in your pack or pocket if you bike or hike or run.

Inside space is 17mm x 17mm x 6.5mm, big enough for micro sd cards, sim cards, medications ... small items you want to have protected on your keychain.

Outside 28mm diameter x 10.2mm height
Just over an inch in diameter and under 1/2 inch height
11 grams / Less than two Quarters

The ultimate air gap. Super tough for your keychain, and the best gadget ever for small items.

Standards will change, so our little container is milled
square inside from aluminum billet stock. No slots. Just stack'em.

Keychain Storage for microSD cards

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